Blue Sky

performance 20', 2016

poem written by Matthew Dickman

Blue Sky is a performative reading of the poem of its name- sake. It is a poem within a poem, given by two voices, one in- side and the other outside of the place of exhibition. e text is split in two parts by a lost of connectivity – a metamorpho- sis is consumed during the bu ering between the two.

A choreographed reading opens the space for this metamor- phosis, coming from a living radiant subject on stage. e other voice, a squawk from a walkie-talkie, drifts farther away up until the point in which the signal is completely lost – and then comes back. e poem recurs a total of two times in three sections.

Blue Sky belongs to a larger group of works around contem- porary poetry, entitled Exercising Poetry. It aims to place the texts in parallel contexts, in order to create a new space for perception and interpretation. Making use of a idiosyncratic approach, contemporary poetry is confronted with the given space in the framework of a live action.