Dah (Without Shite)

performance, 50’, 2016

‘Dah’ is a contemporary Noh drama: a performance of dance and music staged in a symbolic space which, through an iconic antenna, the hand of a radio operator, the voice of a performer and choral instrumental accompaniment, aims to give substance to immaterial connections. The act borrows its formal severity from the 14th century Japanese tradition. The Noh stage is

recreated in a rudimentary yet exact stylisation. Micro-cameras are carried by performers whose point-of-view shots are directly projected to the left of the stage, marking the place of the traditional “bridge”. Over the accompaniment of the “orchestra”, the radio operator (on stage) searches for the remote AM signals that reach the antenna from the other hemisphere, and transmits

those sounds to the headphones of the performer, who gives them voice and movement. The action of the performer is interpreted in turn by the choir, who grasp onto any recognisable sonic material and vocalise it. Throughout Dah explores the possibility of creating a choreography of analogies.

The Dah Theatre is a group work, which wants to give form to the invisible voices that reaches us from thousands of miles away in the form of AM signals. This silent speech is brought into sound only through interactions and synergies. The focus is to build a dramatic act that is entirely based on connections, rather than on the subjects connected. Despite its strict formal identity, Dah opens us up towards an great field of possibilities, being based on controlled improvisation. The first goal is then to create the synergic framework in which all the subject involved can choreograph the act. The second is to involve the audience into this synergy.

Waki: Nataša Vasiljević Venturi
Kyogen: The Antenna
Nochi-jite: The Ether
Orchestra: Francesco Venturi

Choir: Damon Arabsolgar, Marina Ladduca, Daniela Marti, Marco Minicucci, Elvis Zini