La Voce

installation and performance
(ongoing work)

In a former psychiatric hospital of Volterra an autistic patient would reawaken himself only during the night - and sing.

It is said that he had the most beautiful treble voice ever heard. 

There are no legal evidence of the existence of this nameless person for the hospital of Volterra destroyed all documents.
The only person who witness his existence is the director Pier Nello Manoni who was in charge of documenting the last six months of the hospital work.

He would spend nights in the room next to the man and made audio recordings of his songs, now lost. The only moment of existence, rapture and freedom was, for that man, the moment of singing. During the day he would fall back into silence.
La Voce wants to reenact the existence of this nameless voice.

This project consists of:
1. recording the exact acoustic of Volterra's cell using a surround impulse-response technique, supervised by Ing. Marco Binelli, University of Parma;
2. building a corpus of melodies sang by the man, with the help of the director Pier Nello Manoni;
3. working on archived material at the Radio Rai and the Radio Montecarlo, covering the italian musical period between 1940 and 1980;

4. writing new musical score based on Manoni’s memories and archived material;
5. prepare a new exhibition space with applied acoustics, supervised by Ing. Marco Binelli: transform the sound of the new space into the original acoustic of Volterra's cell;
6. involve a professional counter-tenor, to periodically perform a new score by Francesco Venturi in the exhibition space;

Venuri & Vasiljević are preparing a documentary film on this story in collaboration with Awen Films.