Moment of silence

audio drama, 14' –  2016

A moment of silence is that indefinite minute which suspends words and let thoughts travel toward an idea, a person or a moment bygone. It has its own time, which spreads to an unclear duration, sculpting and shaping the very absence. For the most of the history, the incompleteness was considered a flaw or a failure that nullify the very existence of a thought.

One of the most influential composers of all time left his last masterpiece undone, while he was bringing the artistic speculation to its peak. In the very moment when the composition reaches its perfect complexity, the piece ends: the composer died, leaving behind his “unfinished fugue”.

Many musicians have struggled to find its proper ending, fearing or misunderstanding its incompleteness. However, in one precise moment it was performed just as it was written, leaving the suspension in all its significance.